Diarrhea Treatment Information

Foods To Stop Diarrhea

Diarrhea foods can be foods that increase or decrease this complication. When an individual is suffering from diarrhea, he or she will most likely be suffering from loose, watery stools as well as some gas and abdominal cramps. It is very important to fully understand food and diarrhea to find the most effective foods that help stop it. This can help an individual decrease the foods that increase the diarrhea.

The first food for diarrhea that should be consumed would be bananas. These are also recommended as part of the brat diet that is often suggested for children suffering from diarrhea. Bananas do a great job of helping replace vitamins and minerals that are lost while the individual is suffering from diarrhea.

Rice is another food that is generally good to eat when a person is fighting loose, watery stools. The reason that rice is suggested is it is easy for the body to digest and it is helps bind stool together.

Diarrhea Food

The next food for diarrhea is applesauce.  Applesauce is great because it gives the body some sugar, needed to help regain energy often lost when a person is not feeling well.

Foods to stop diarrhea should also include toast. Many people will eat the toast dry so that they are not consuming a lot of fat and grease. Toast works well because it is well-digested by the body and it works to help bind stool just like rice does.

As the person begins to feel better, he or she can start to add some other foods to their diet (as long as they are tolerated). Many people will start with crackers. They tend to have the same effect as toast.

The sixth food is canned fruit. This replenishes sugars that are lost during the bout of diarrhea and helps to restore energy that was lost. It may be a good idea to eat one fruit at a time rather than a mixture.

Scrambled eggs are number seven on the list. This food is great to help the body regain some of the protein that was lost.

Bland, low fiber foods can be introduced slowly as long as the previous foods are being tolerated well. The fiber will help to keep the stools together. This binding effect will decrease the diarrhea.

Pasta noodles without sauce can be introduced as the person starts to feel better. However, it is really important to avoid eating sauce on them.

Finally, boiled, skin-less chicken can be eaten as one of the foods to stop diarrhea. Chicken will also help replenish lost vitamins and minerals.

Taking the time to fully understand food and diarrhea will take individuals a step further towards recovery. People do need to keep in mind that water and fluids need to be consumed in addition to these foods. If diarrhea is not decreasing then a local doctor should be notified. The same applies if dehydration is suspected. To work towards effective treatment, it is always a great idea to understand diarrhea foods.